ADL equivalent to "AT+CFUN"?

Hi Sierra Devs,

I’m interested in using the ADL framework to toggle functionality of the GSM stack. Basically what I want accomplished is for my application to do what AT+CFUN=0 and AT+CFUN=1,0 do (disable or enable the GSM, while allowing the application to run). I looked through the ADL user guide and searched this forum, but I couldn’t find a good solution. I suppose I could do something like adl_atCmdSend("AT+CFUN=0", NULL, NULL);, but I’d prefer a more direct, elegant solution if one exists. Any advice? Have I overlooked a function like this in the documentation?


Hi Matt.

Unfortunately there is no API equivalent to the AT+CFUN at command. So the only way to use it is to the adl_atCmdSend () call as you’ve already thought about.

Although, if you want to force a hard reboot, a very dirty way to do it is to simply use

while (1);

This will trip the internal watchdog and force a reboot.

Ciao, Dave