ADL Call Service - Missing ADL_CALL_EVENT_NEW_ID Event?


For an outgoing (MO) call, there is an ADL_CALL_EVENT_NEW_ID but there is no event which advises the Call-ID in the case of an [i]incoming /i call.

How is one supposed to get the Call-ID of an [i]incoming /i call :question:

Both MO and MT calls give ADL_CALL_EVENT_RELEASE_ID on clearing - so the ID must exist in both cases!

(ADL_CALL_EVENT_NEW_ID applies to an incoming call only in the event of Call Waiting)


Hi Awneil
I saw in the AT command user guide and it says that the +WIND:5,X event would be generated after an ATD or +CCWA i.e. call waiting.There is no mention in the guide that this event would be generated at the receiver end for the first call.I am not sure but i guess the first incoming call gets the default ID.



Yes - and in those cases you do get the ADL_CALL_EVENT_NEW_ID

I guess so, too.

but the point is that we should not have to guess - this should be documented :angry:

This leaves us with two things open to guesswork:

  1. That the first incoming call gets the “default ID”;
  2. That the “default ID” is 1.

Maybe the “Open” in “Open-AT” is a sign that so many things like this are left “open” to guesswork and not properly defined…? :unamused:


I edited the title of this thread, as this seems to be not the only event that is missing :angry: