adl_callSetup and call handler and no SIM

Has anybody else had trouble with adl_callSetup not resulting in a SIM error in the absence of a SIM card?

I am having difficulties with the call handler and adl_callSetup. I subscribe to the call handler on initialisation, then sometime during my program I call adl_callSetup with an ordinary phone number. If there is no SIM card inserted, the handler never receives any events and my call is lost (even though adl_callSetup returns OK). I would expect the handler to receive ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_ERROR_NO_SIM.

Does this mean I should not assume that the handler will always capture an event after I call adl_callSetup? Even when adl_callSetup returns OK?

Should I be checking for things like SIM presence and network registration before using adl_callSetup? I would have expected the call handler to provide me with this information after I try to make a call.


What firmware version do you have?
What Open-AT version are you using?

I haven’t come across this one, but I have seen another anomoly (or was it anomolies?) in call events - see: … ight=event

It does seem that you need to provide your own timeouts and/or other means to ensure that you can never get stuck in an “unexpected” state… :cry:

As I noted in that other thread, the v3.03 documentation was very poor on what exactly you should (and should not) expect from the various events. :cry:

The latest version (v4.20) has not improved. :angry:

Firmware version 662
Open-AT version 4.20

Agreed about the documentation on call events – very minimal.

It might be worth noting that I get the same result whether running in RTE or target mode. When the SIM card is in it all works nicely.

Sounds like a more sophisticated method for governing calls is in order…