adl_adRecompact - exception occurs when completed


I perform the following sequence:

(startup) AD_Event_Handle = adl_adEventSubscribe(AD_Event_Handler)

(command handler) adl_adFormat(AD_Event_Handle)


(AD_Event_Handler) <ADL_AD_EVENT_FORMAT_DONE notification>


…when it gets to 99%, the CPU resets with “EXCEPTION OCCURRED”

What am I doing wrong, and is there an introductory guide to using A&D with examples?

PS: The same happens if the format sequence is bypassed, and adl_adRecompact called from a command handler.

Q2687H, R7.4

+WOPEN: 2,“AT v06.20”,“AT v06.31”

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Updated, +WOPEN: 2,“AT v06.32”,“AT v06.31”. Problem still occurs.