adFormat periodically causes reset of Q64


Hello I have Q64s with battery, which shut right down (at+cpof=1) when charge power is not available. I have DOTA working well to update *.dwls but because the modules are shutdown they seem to require the flash be re-formated before they will except a re-write.
The problem is that the adformat will often cause a reset. This happens more often when the battery charger is active or soon after the battery charger has been active (ie battery voltage is above 4.05V) I have tried a a range of capacitors across the battery input but it does not help.
I see in the user guide>Flash API, reference made to the Garbage collector process which can cause watchdog resets with numerous write operations. I’m wondering if this could be the cause with the reformat also? The recommendation is to “give back the hand to the firmware by introducing timers in the write loop”. This is not so easy in a format.
I already have a 0.5s timer running else where which is not helping.
Can anyone make a suggestion please?


Did u check the backtraces?



Yes the events report progress OK and it will get to varying proportions of completion before a reset is caused.
I have finally fixed the problem by putting an adl_ctxSleep in the DOTA event handler which causes a pause after each progress event


You weren’t sitting in a loop waiting for the format to complete, were you…?

See: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3766&start=15#p18220
And: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3766&start=15#p18378


No!, thanks Mate