add timestamp to .dwl file

Can anyone explain to me how to add a time-stamp to the generated dwl-file?
(eg project.200912281328.dwl)




i know those, and i’m using them in my program.
but i don’t quite get what i must change in the project-setting in M2M studio to change the name of the file generated by the build process

Oh, I see (I think): you don’t want to place a timestamp within the content of the file; you want to rename the file so that its name contains its date & time - is that it :question:

actually, i already have it in the content of the file, but i would like to have it in the filename as well
so, yes.

You can add a post-builder, as indicated in this procedure: (except that you should put your builder at the bottom of the builders list)
You may invoke cmd.exe to run a batch file or just the copy or move command…
Please note that renaming the .dwl file will certainly break the incremental build: each build request will actually trigger a new dwl file, even if no source file has been modified.