Add static library to Developer Studio project


I was trying to add some static libraries to my DS project using Q2687G module. The libraries were GMP (

I configured the ARM toolchain from GNUARM ( on a Debian GNU/Linux box and I have compiled them.

The version of Developer Studio is 2.2.0.

When I try to associate the library, the ARM ELF Linker said It cannot find the library. After that error, I copied the library path directly on the ARM ELF Linker params and It finds the library, but when I add the header of the library, when compiling, It can’t see the code inside the static library, so producing compilation errors.

Does anyone have configured a static library to work in Developer Studio?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Sebastian Villa

If you compile these libraries by your own, maybe should you build them trough a Developer Studio project.
From there you can declare references from your application project(s) to these library projects, easing the final build.
And if you feel generous enough to share your work about these libs integration in Open AT apps, you can even export these projects as Open AT Library packages to make them reusable by any Open AT project.