add a UART port

that sounds awfully familiar

i’m also ashamed to admit that it took me a week to find out that the CS channel is inverted:blush:

I need to correct my own statement (since i now own a logic analyser, and i’ve seen clock-stretching happen on the i2c bus)

the current firmware (7.3) no longer freezes when something fales on the i2c bus, it reboots.
and this firmware seems to support clock-stretching (propably up to a limit.)

Will try. Thank you.
But does 7.3 firmware fit Q2686H? I heard about some memory problems…

If you are not going to use the USB port it’s a got chance to send “traces” using it

The trouble with using the USB for traces is that it it dies whenever the unit restarts.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean with: “USB dies”.
If you “overide” TRACE macro and use an intermediate function that sends text to the USB port when you build as “release” and uses TRACE when build as “debug” it gives you valuable information. Of course you must initialize the USB service aditionally.
The problem of using Terminal Emulator is that some times is not easy to behave manually as the equipment you want to connect to the UART1.

from the documentation my distributor send me i understand that the newer functions (ids) will lead to memory problems on the older H models.

When the unit restarts, its USB function restarts.
This means that the PC has to repeat the enumeration of the device.

In my experience (WMP100 + Win-XP), this doesn’t work properly unless you physically unplug and then re-plug the USB cable

Hello all,

I think USB is good for debugging and it also has enough speed, one advantage is that you can send AT commands as well through USB port.

Regading the USB restart issue. If the module restarts the windows gives a new handle for the device. But in case of a hyperterminal a simple close/reopen sequence is enough for proper working. The Selima and TMT is said to be to detect if the USB device is reconnected so it will able to communicate with device without intervention. Anyway, you can easily hear the USB reconnection because ot the sound produced by windows USB connect/reconnect event.

At least this is the case with the latest USB driver and the firmware 7.3, 7.3a. I have no experince about USB with previous firmwares.