Activating SMS Service for IOT Sim

We have purchased multiple IoT SIMS and now we are trying to send and receive SMS to our gateway device. Please let me know how to activate that?

Hi nadeem.haider

What gateway device are you using? Which IoT SIMS service providers are you using?
Is it Sierra IoT SIMS?

Hello Donald,

We are using Multitech gateway and yes, we are using Sierra IoT Sim. The web portal for sim has option to send SMS, how are we suppose to receive SMS as well?

Hi nadeem.haider

The default SMS service is available on the IoT SIM.

I don’t have this gateway.

Donald this will be happening through Sierra Wireless end. We need to send send through Sierra Wireless API could you please guide me on that. We are looking for something similar to what At&T offers on there Portral, Can I send an SMS to the device?

From there we made RestAPI to send SMS
curl -X POST --header “Content-Type: application/json” --header “Accept: application/json” -d “{ “messageText”: “Hello world” }” “

Hi nadeem.haider,

Please contact your distributor directly for support in this case.