About Dial Up connection stop and FCM flow



i am srikanth, after calling the Dialupconnection stop when we are going to open the FCM flow there is a struck Software flow after restating the module it works fine is there any rule that after callin the Dial Up connection stop we are supposed to wait for 1 r 2 minutes.

Actually our problem was after running half an hour and next when i call the Dail up connection stop followed by FCM flow control the software was getting struck and after restarting the module it works fine for half an hour and the problem is repeating for every half an hour


HI SriKant,
When you use ed_DialupConnectionStart () API, the eDlib internally subscribes to FCM flow for GSM/GPRS. When ed_DialupConnectionStop () is called, the subscribed FCM flow is unsubscribed. However, please note that the FCM flow is not immediately unsubscribed. It takes some time to receive ADL_FCM_EVENT_FLOW_CLOSED to be received in the control handler (which is in the eDlib).
Hence, if you open GSM/GPRS flow immediately after calling ed_DialupConnectionStop () the module will freeze as the module is in the process of closing the flow and you have asked it to subscribe the flow again.

Hence, to solve the problem, you should subscribe to a timer (of about 1 second) after calling ed_DialupConnectionStop() API and in the timer handler you should subscribe to FCM again.

Hope this helps you solve the problem.
Best Regards,
Open-AT Fan.