Aborting ATD*99***1#

Is there a safe way to abort ‘ATD99**1#’ ?

Image if I want the dial command to finish in let’s say maximum one minute, can I after that time abort the dial safely (+++ and/or ATH seem to lock the module forever in this situation)? Or do I need to wait until the command is finished? And what is the maximum execution time of ATD?

The module I’m currently using is HL7692

Hi Roel0,

To abort the PPP connection, you need to send +++ and then ATH.
~}#?}!}!} }4}"}&} } } } }%}&f燾6}’}"}(}"刕~~}

//Send +++

Yes but I’m talking about the corner case where you want to abort ATD before it has responded with CONENCT/…

We cannot abort ATD*99# before CONNECT responed.

Thanks for the info, what is the maximum amount of time before the HL module will repsond to the ATD command?

In my test(10 times), “CONNECT” occurs 1-20 ms after ATd*99#.

In some corner cases, ATD seems to never respond:
09:20:54 Send: ‘ATD99*1#’
09:20:54 Recv: 'ATD
09:21:07 Recv: ‘+CREG: 0’

The only solution I currently have, is reboot the complete system…

How do I trigger this behavior? On the reception of a +CREG: 1 unsolicited, I’ll react by opening a PPP connection. On reception of +CREG: different from 1, I’ll abort the PPP connection.
By removing and re-attaching the antenna, I 'm testing this behavior, but sometimes I see ATD never response and seems to lock the HL module

Hi Roel0,

Please make sure +CGREG:1 before starting the PPP connection.
And I suggest contacting your Sierra Wireless sales/technical support person for more support.