A-GPS support with HILO3G

I am using a GPS system with A-GPS support and HILO 3G module for GSM/GPRS/EDGE support.
When GPS system requests for A-GPS support request will have be redirected to the GSM/GPRS module(in our case HILO3G) to connect to A-GPS server.

My question is

  1. can the HILO 3G module support A-GPS request commands???
  2. If not Please suggest me other modules with that support.



To my understanding, in the scenario you described, HILO 3G works as a bit pipe modem in which the system uses PPP dialup to establish internet connection and GPS module will make TCP/UDP request to get the aiding data.

If that match your scenario, HILO 3G will supports that scenario.
Otherwise, please provide more info, e.g. the GPS system/chip info and how it acquire aiding data.