A-GPS how to?

Hi everybody,

Has anyone be successful to get A-GPS working ie. to download data from SUPL server and speed up GPS fix time?

If so can someone post working example/procedure?

I am trying for days and always error… I was using supl.google.com

Module is HL6528G-2.8 latest firmware version 6.0 (SIERRA HL6N,006.00.20CF.7261C)


Can you share the AT commands ???


Dear Alex,

Not that I have any valid AT command for doing update… I was just trying various things without knowledge how actually to do it.

From AT command reference datasheet example :

can you give me example of valid server,port,password etc. for EE update because I could not find it anywhere.


i am working on GPS tracking device me too require A-GPS for fast 3D Fix i have tried the commands which is mentioned in the AT command guide.

i have tried in AEE mode but no results.