3-character MNC networks


I’ve noticed some operators in USA, Canada, South America and elsewhere have 3-digit MNC codes (6 in total), such as 310000 Mid-Tex Celular, or 302360 Telus Mobility (Canada). I only have access to European SIM cards, where the MNC is two digits (5 in total), such as 26201 for T-Mobile DE or 23003 for Vodafone CZ.
I’m trying to do some things and I want to do them right, but I don’t know how and cannot find out myself :confused:

  1. I need to find a home operator for the inserted SIM card. For 2-digit MNC, the home operator code is the first 5 digits of IMSI, as found by “AT+CIMI”. What does IMSI look like in USA? It seems to be the first 6 characters, but… I’d like to be sure.
    I’m getting
230030104367190 for 23003
262024423551711 for 26202
  1. What is returned by the “AT+CCED=0,1” command? Is it always three digits, even with leading zeros? Such as +CCED: 310,000,…? I’m getting
+CCED: 230,03,0c80,3873,47,797,50,,,0,,,0
  1. What is returned by the “AT+COPS?” command in numeric mode (“AT+COPS=3,2”)? I’m getting
+COPS: 0,2,23003
  1. What is returned by “AT+WLOC=1”? I’m getting
+WLOC: 32f030,0c80,3873,b140012455cd1a86136a28a8f25a71ef,0308030e031103120314031603170319031a032d032f0331,01,070326123221ff

If anyone in USA or Canada or another operator with 3-digit MNC can test these commands for me, I’d be very grateful.

  TIA, Milan