2G fallback on WP7702

Hi everyone,
We no longer have 2G networks available here in Australia, so I am unable to test on a network.

With regards to the 2G fallback on this module overseas, I’m not too sure if the process is automatic or not?
If the network falls back to 2G on a compatible network, is there anything additional that needs to be implemented in software, or will it continue as it was on the LTE-M1 network?

Many thanks!

Hi @tcreer,
WP7702 supports fallback 2G for any cellular network in the world. This process automatically only works when LTE network’s coverage area is also covered by 2G GSM network
Please share any concerns you have a tick Solution under my response if it answers your question.

Thanks for your response @Vianney & happy birthday!


One point to note is that, assuming defaults, the fallback can take a few hours to happen because of the search modes for NB1 which is has to listen to for a long time for even a whiff of a signal. Once the unit has attached to 2G then it will attach immediately the next time.



Thanks for your reply @mlw . We’ll try it out

Hi again Everyone,
Just to be absolutely clear, when @Vianney says : Where the 2G coverage is also covered by the LTE network, does it mean that the LTE network must support LTE-M, or just LTE?
Sorry for the potentially silly question, but I want to be sure.