Ws6318 auto power off after it register to network?

My ws6318 auto power off after it connected to network

You need to give a far better and fuller description of your system and what, exactly, is happening for anyone to be able to help you!

But you might start here:

The problem is solved and i will discus the solution:

I found that the problem in power supply and battery that i use. it fails to provide 2A for burst power, so it draw all current and auto power off, because power supply regulated with voltage regulator LM317 that output max 1.5A, but if i increase voltage from 3.7V to voltage greater than 4.2V with current of 1.5A, it works, i don’t know why? but it works, and also this happen with my 500mAH, 2C discharge battery, which means that max current that can be drawn from it 500mAH*2=1000mA also not enough

Finally the solution can be achieved by using mobile battery because it designed to output peak current exceeds 2A, tested :smiley: