WP7610 IO voltage

I understand from the datasheet that the IO voltage of the WP modules are determined by VDD_PX and that various levels like 1.2V, 1.8V etc. are possible. But there is no clear info as to how VDD_PX can be configured to a particular voltage. In our case, we need 1.8V IOs.

Also there is no clear answer as to what the capabilities and limitations of each interface is. Mostly we are using USB. But there is no clear info on what UART/SDIO/I2C can do or cannot do.

Hi sreedev.k

Please refer to Table 3-58: Digital I/O Characteristics (VDD_PX = 1.80 V (nominal) signals) in AirPrime_WP76xx_Product_Technical_Specification_Rev11.pdf.
You can get this document here wp76xx_product_technical_specification

Hope it helps.

I am not sure if this answered my question. My question is how to configure VDD_PX? My IO signals will be 1.8V level. Since the table shows different values of VDD_PX, I assume some sort of config has to be done to set VDD_PX to 1.8V. Or can I just input IO signals with 1.8V level without any worries?


I have pushed a response in your other post WP7610-G_1104125 LTE module reference schematics