WP7607 PCM Slave

Hello everyone,

I’m using the mangOH Green board with the WP7607 modem. The goal is to use the modem as PCM slave with a microcontroller as master that manages the incoming and outgoing audio stream.
Following the AT Command Reference_r7.1, the command !AVCFG sets the used physical interface for a choosen profile and device. However, listing the possible parameter for this command returns

!AVCFG: (0-9),(0-3),(0-6)

while in the reference guide the execution is documented as


The part with param1…paramN is required to set the PCM as Master or Slave, the sampling rate and so on, but it seems to don’t appear in the list of possible parameters. Consequently, every attemp to set the PCM interface returns ERROR. Also, the documented example

AT!AVCFG=1,1,0,1 (Bind profile 1 to the handset device via PCM, and set PCM as
master mode.)

returns ERROR as well.
Do I missing something?

Thank you in advance

Maybe related to this:

Thank you for the quick response!
I followed your first suggestion in the topic and using


allowed me to set the PCM interface with no error.
I’m looking forward to be able to do some audio test as planned, thank you for the help. However, the command


is not documented in the reference guide. Could you tell me what this command does?

I guess it is for enabling the PCM interface.