WP76 Sleep Mode

we are evaluating the WP76xx module and we have a few questions regarding the sleep mode and others. We don’t have a board to test with.

What we are trying to figure out is:

  • We want to use as minimal power as possible, because the system will run on battery
  • We need to send around 20 MB every half hour
  • We want to be registered with the network to not waste power for connection to it
  • We need to respond fast to events, so either booting fast or suspend/sleep enough to not waste energy

So here are our questions:

For sleep mode, the PTS says: “Application core is sleeping”

Q1: Is this suspend to RAM or suspend to disc (flash)?
Q2: Is the SDRAM ON while the app core is sleeping (is the data retained)?
Q3: how long does it take to wake up from sleep?
Q4: we assume that the app core doesn’t have to boot when waking up - is this correct?
Q5: is it possible to set the app core to sleep AND use the PSM TAU timer to wake it up?

We don’t need USB, since this will be a standalone product.

Q6: is it possible to disable USB completely?
Q7: if yes - how much power will be saved?

We read that the boot time is around 15 to 20 seconds

Q8: how much can this be reduced?

The PTS is very sparse on information. Are there any application notes regarding:

Q9: power saving?
Q10: sleep modes?
Q11: in general?

Thanks in advance,

  1. modem core still will access the RAM and flash.

  2. of course the data is there after wake up.

  3. once I connect USB cable, it will immediately wake up, and UART console has response after wake up.

  4. if just USB selective suspend, the app core will not reboot.

  5. I saw in +CPSMS command, it has the PSM setting.

  6. I remember you cannot completely disable the enumerated port in AT!USBCOMP.

  7. you can just leave the USB port disconnected from the host MCU.