WP7504 Not Allowing Voice Calls


I have two WP7504 modules and one has the SKU of 1103069 and the other has 1103374. Both are programmed with the same firmware and Legato code and are set for use on the AT&T network. When I try and make a voice call with the modules using a Mangoh Red board, the 1103069 works and the 1103374 doesn’t giving either an Error or No Carrier message.

Does the 103374 not have 3G fallback? If it does not, does anyone know have to decipher the SKUs so that I know which WP7504 modules to buy that have 3G fallback, as different vendors list different SKUs for the modules? Or is there a setting in the module that I can change to allow voice calls?




Our catalog is an internal document, odd I know, but it is since you need to fully understand the portfolio, settings, etc to be able to view all of the part numbers in context which is why if we are working with a customer we will generally tell them the SKU to use.

Re the SKU’s you have, one is a qualified SKU (1103069, you should not be able to get hold of these generically) and the other is a customer specific SKU (1103374) so I need to ask/understand, where did you get these? As a side note we do not sell/make 11030369 any more because it is so old.

As far as I can see there is no specific why 1103374 should not work although I cannot see the details of the product setup so it might be restricted, if it is there is no way to unlock this easliy.

Can you send the following commands to the unit?

  • ATI
  • AT+COPS?
  • AT!ENTERCND=“A710”
  • AT+CMEE=1
  • ATDxxxxxxxxx;

This is to get an idea as to what might be happening, there is no way to check through AT commands if voice is enabled/disabled as it is set in flash which cannot be read using this mechanism.





Update, the SKU that does not work is LTE only and cannot fallback to 3G to make the call. I suspect you cannot enable it through AT commands.