WMP100 + Keyboard + server question......(AT+CMER=,1)

I want to buy wmp100 module but before it would be nice to know:

  1. Is it possible that module will start execute application atomatically after it powers up.
  2. When i cross 2 keyboard pins (row&col) the key is pressed(right?) . Is it possible to create an
    application that would forward key press/release event codes to webserver?
    Thanks for help.
  1. Yes, once started by AT+WOPEN=1 the application automaticly starts when the module is powered on.
  2. Yes it’s possible to build such an application.

if the WMP100 module is really the best thing for you to buy is poropably a question to ask your local distributor. They are there to help you make decisions like this!

Wow that is perfect