wm_sprintf linker error


Function wm_sprintf generates this linker error:
Link error: undefined reference to `wm_sprintf’
Other string functions like wm_itoa work, though with an “implicit declaration” warning, and i’m pretty sure wm_sprintf worked too some time ago… What could it be??


wm_sprintf is (or should be) a macro - so, if it’s reaching the Linker, you’ve somehow lost the macro definition…


have you got:

#include "adl_global.h"



OK, i added adl_global.h and now it compiles.
Sorry for the (maybe stupid) question, the ADL user guide does not talk about that header!


It mentions it once in passing. :unamused:

In fact, wm_sprintf et al are defined in wm_stdio.h - which is not documented! :unamused:



We had created a documentation tracker for the same. The tracker has been fixed and the documentation will be updated from the next OASIS release.