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I try to use the WLOC functionality to provide GSM based location services. Unfortunately I could not find any detailed description how the given data could be interpreted. I only found the OpenAT description
+WLOC: [,][,][,][,][,][,][]

Does anyone know how NetMeas, BCCHlist and TA ist encoded and how it could be used :question:

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Well, the description in the AT Commands Interface Guide for Firmware 7.52 references GSM Rec 11.14 - so I guess that would be a place to look… :question:

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I checked the GSM 11.14 (Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+);Specification of the SIM Application Toolkit for the
Subscriber Identity Module - Mobile Equipment) but could not find any information regarding BCCH / NetMeas.
I did some more research, it seems that NetMeas is the NMR (NetworkMeasurementResult). I found some information regarding BCCH at 3GPP TS 24.008 and I gues the BCCHlist given by OpenAT contains Cell identity blocks as described in section, but its realy hard to “decrypt” this stuff…

Anybody out there who has some more information on this?

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if somebody could use the information:

NetMeas is defined in GSM 04.08 chapter “Measurement Results”. It contains the neighbour cells 1-6 including an RX-Level for every cell.
At the same document chapter “Neighbour Cells Description” the description of the BCCH list could be found.

Nevertheless the AT+CCED seems to be a better option for cell locating.

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