WISMO218 internal auto adjustment

Hello everybody!

I encountered with internal auto adjustment issue in my WISMO218. There is an option +VGR=0 in old revisions of AT specification (Reference: WA_DEV_W218_UGD_003 Revision: 001) which stands for internal auto adjustment for receiving audio. In my module +VGR=1-10 are supported only, as it is written in further revisions (Reference: WA_DEV_W218_UGD_003 Revision: 008), as if it doesn’t have auto adjustment.

However I hear 6-9dB muting after 2-3 seconds after beginning of each ring-back tone. It looks like an internal adjustment, but this effect takes place for receiving audio only. For transmitting it works properly.
Is there auto adjustment in my wismo? How can I disable it?

You can find mp3 file attached as well. First 30 seconds contain several RBTs with different level. 30 sec -> up to the end is how my module received them. You can hear some muting on 42sec, 49, 58, 1:06.

Firmware version L22_00gg.WISMO218 281210, EC and NC disabled (+WMECHO:0,0), Receive/transmit gain has default value (+VGR=5, +VGT=6).

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

RBT_WSM218_425Hz.rar (448 KB)


Can you paste the part of the document where there option +VGR=0
is mentioned as the auto adjustment command ??