Wipsoft 3.01 - Multiple client sockets on a server socket


Can Wipsoft 3.01 handle data exchange between multiple clients connected to a server socket over a single UART?

I created one server socket and was able to establish two client socket connections. Then I issued WIPDATA command for client 1 and then back to AT mode and then WIPDATA for the second client. But it appears only the socket having later +WIPDATA command exchanges data over the UART. Earlier socket stays connected but no data exchange. If it is a normal behavious then whats the point in having multiple sockets?

I tried the same thing with two separate server sockets created and one client socket is connected to each. Same result! Later server exchanges data and earlier does not.

Any help appreciated…



You can use Multiplexing feature, such that several ‘logical’ UARTs can share a single physical UART. Each logical UART can map to one logical UART.

Of course, the device connected your module/modem need to able to handle Multiplexing protocol data.

Check AT+WMUX command in AT manual


In theory, you can. However, if you seriously want to handle multiple connections, I’d advise you to spend a couple of days developing an OpenAT application with WIPlib, rather than WIPsoft.

Handling many connections from a single UART is not impossible, but remains intrinsically unnatural. If your multi-connection server runs on the module, you’ll get an easy, direct, tight control over events and dataflows, no control-char escaping to take care of, no multiplexing/demultiplexing issues, less TCP<–>UART flow synchronization issues… If you take all those points into account, the “simple TCP-enabled modem” approach might not be the most effective for you.