Wipclose( ) will cause module reset after opening FTP fail


If I call wip_FTPCreateOpts ( ) to a dead FTP , my handler will get WIP_CEV_ERROR, then I call wip_close ( ) to close this FTP channel. However after wip_close ( ) the module will reset.

Even OpenAT sample program (“ftp_list”) have the same issue !
The reset problem will not occur in RTE mode, but in target mode.

I am using OpenAT 3.16, Q24PLUS with 657d firmware

Anyone can give suggestion ?

Start an error handler and check if that catches anything.

I remember that doing wip_close on a channel that’s already closed would cause a reset.

I have already called wip_getState ( ) to check this channel is WIP_CSTATE_TO_CLOSE before I close it, yet seems not useful

Even if you do a wip_getState on a closed channel it will answer with the WIP_CSTATE_TO_CLOSE. At least that’s my experience with it.

The error I caught in my error handler, I believe was something about ADL memory release error, but returning FALSE or TRUE (can’t remember which one it was to not reboot right away) in my error handler I managed to get the code to continue running anyway.

Thanks, I will try you suggestion. It should be something like ADL memory release error