Ftp put in my application reset

Hello, i use wip library(3.10.2030) with Q2686 and OpenAT(4.21.01) and firmware 663, and i have imported examples ftp_put in my project that drive OLED ( grafic ) display in parallel mode, but the procedure to download a lot of data in server ftp have problem in project with display, in particular, the sequence to download data in a file to ftp server and close bearer is random on reset.because a sample project with ftp_put, modified with my ftp server a my data, work fine, and my project with drive OLED display work fine, but when i include in my project display the ftp_put the part of ftp_put is a problem, in fact these part of project reset on diverse step of sequence to ftp_put.

The problem is a condivision of RAM ?, I have increased the stack size of 6144 byte, but the problem is present , and the debug with RTE is very difficult for a lot of operation necessary to drive lcd display that is in separate time from a ftp_put routine

Help me!!!


Is possible, with Target monitoring tool debug the RAM memory space a variable in this space ?

help me