Wip_cwd cancels any further operations

Hi pplz,

There are two line of code which dont work together:

  1. wip_cwd …
  2. wip_putFile …

If I use them together the wip_putFile isn`t executed. I can see it in the logs on my ftp server.

When I comment the first line out, the 2nd command work and the file is put on the ftp server.

has anyone experienced similar problems?

Somebody told me that there is a timelimit for each function which is executed - something about 4secs - is that right? perhaps that is my problem!


There’s no timeout-based interface in WIP. However, after a wip_cwd(), you have to wait for the WIP_CEV_DONE (or WIP_CEV_ERROR) before running the next command.

Thank you,
that was the problem.