Wip cev error -993

hello everyone,

Im using POST method for sending the HTTP request but sometimes while the request is happening it is displaying -993 CEV errror . when i refered this it is due to WIP_CERR_DNS_FAILURE . Can anyone help me how to avoid this error.

[HTTP] connect to host: www
[WIP] new TCPCLIENT 0x180c6694
[req_event] WIP_CEV_ERROR
[HTTP] error -993 @ 180c64b4
[HTTP] channel closed by server
[WIP] closing TCPCLIENT 0x180c6694
[WIP] closing HTTP_DATA 0x180c64b4
[HTTP] destroy request @ 180c64b4

Do you understand what DNS is?

Is that a valid Host name :question:

yes that it is a valid host name and most of the time the request gets completed.


If it’s being completed MOST of the time, then the DNS server you are using is failing to reply to the DNS query SOME of the time. Sounds like you are using either a broken DNS server or a DNS server that is under heavy load and can’t reply to your request in time.

Try and use a different DNS server (if you can), or see if your ISP has a secondary server. In my experience, most ISP’s do provide both a primary and secondary DNS server to their clients - but I’m not sure how well the WIP library fails over betwwen the two DNS servers.

You should be able to check the DNS server IP(s) using wip_getOpts() after making the upstream connection.

Hope this helps.

ciao, Dave


If (as seems apparent) DNS is a problem in your situation, could you just use the IP address instead?