I am using GPRS to send via HTTP some data to my server. The application works just fine.
Now i am trying to change my mobile service operator. With the new operator i keep getting WIP_CERR_DNS_FAILURE (-993) -> Couldn’t resolve a name to an IP address. I am sending data to a url like : something.something that is working just fine with my current operator.
What is the reason for such an error? Do i need to supply the ip of the server instead of the name of the url?Or the mobile service operator has to open some firewall or something similar?


Exactly as you quoted: “Couldn’t resolve a name to an IP address”

DNS is the process that converts (or “resolves”) names like something.something to actual IP addresses - if the client (eg, your Wavecom device) cannot obtain the IP address, then it cannot contact the server.

That would clearly obviate the need for DNS and, thus, circumvent the problem!