wip_CERR_MEMORY after 10 POST 1Ko


I try to upload about 400Ko of data and I should use a POST method.
First I checked that my openAT program could send post data with 1Ko data, all is all right.
Second I try to increase the data post buffer to 20 ko, but it seems that the data are trunked, is there a limitation for a post emission with Q2686 modem and open AT ?

Third I try to loop an send the 20ko data, by 1ko POST message, it done to 10 transfert and after I receive a message error WIP_CERR_MEMORY, I don’t understand why.
I precise that I wait the reply to post an other message.

So somebody have an idea.


I found the solution of my bug, first I opened channel but never closed it.

And the second, the tcpip buffer was fix near 5Ko so, when I launched bigger buffer, It didn’t work.

So now I chunk my buffer by part of 5Ko.