Will LS300 work on T-Mobile network?

Wondering if the World software version (or any other) will enable LS300 to work on T-Mobile network.

Hi @datavix

Yes, it will. You can use LS300 World Firmware Package on the T-Mobile network.

You can get it here AirLink LS300 Firmware Packages

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All the “World” firmware packages include radio firmware for the SL8092, My device has the SL8090 radio which will not take that firmware. The AT&T packages do not include any radio firmware. I’m wondering if the SL8090 is AT&T specific.

The SL8090 seems to be working fine with T-Mobile with no firmware update. The World firmware was all it took to make T-Mobile work with the ATT device. Thanks!

Hi @datavix,

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