Where are the Reset PIN and SPI?

I was happy to see the new Q64 with a big black pcb connector.
I really don’t like to use small connectors because it is not easy to remove eventual short circuits between the pins.
However my first experience with Q64 was not good. :frowning:
1- Where is the Reset Pin? If I implement an external watch-dog with a microcontroller, I need to add a 2A FET to turn-off and turn-on again the module.
2 - SPI not available! No! Q64 has only I2C! External big memories are available only with SPI and my project uses a big external memory.
Maybe a I2C-SPI bridge is the solution? In the last days I tried to use a bridge from NXP (NXP=Philips=I2c), model SC18IS602 to convert I2c to SPI and unfortunately Q64 randomicaly freezes. I tried all baud rates, frequencies, synchronous and assynchronous mode with interruptions, small and big packages, replacement of SC18IS602 and in all cases the Q64 freezes after some write and read instructions.
if I connect a small memory like 24C64 to I2c, Q64 is perfect. I can read and write thousands of times without problem. With SC18IS602, no chance.
I saw some posts in this forum reporting problems with I2C in other models. Maybe a I2C “clock-stretching” limitation? I don’t know.
I would be happy if Wavecom releases in the future a model “Q64B” with SPI and Reset pin. Meanwhile, I returned my project to Q2687.
Comments will be welcome.