What is the RTCM version on XM1110

Hi, I am trying to get the evaluation board for the XM1110 to accept RTCM.

I have installed the AXN5.1.1_8527_3333_1152.1151100.1.bin.

What is the correct RTCM version to use?


It should support RTCM2.3 and RTCM3.1


I would be careful around the RTCM 3.x as I do not think the unit supports this.



Matt is right. RTCM3.1 is not supported on XM1110.



Does anybody have experience of what level of accuracy/improvement is achievable with the XM1110 part once RTCM is introduced?

[As I understand it RTCM is merely a data protocol, supporting a number of GNSS correction data types. Howvever, the actual corrected performance of any receiver must be dependent, to some degree, in its basic capabilities and/or performance. So introducing corrections will likely improve a receiver’s performance, but only by a certain amount. It seems unlikely that a low-cost receiver such as the XM can be made to perform as well as much more expensive device, simply by adding RTCM].