What is the alternative command of "AT+CIND"


Hi there.

I implemented the dynamics management system using by HL7539.
I would like to know the alternative command of AT+CIND. I want to know the following infomations:

  • Whether is the module out of service or not.
  • Whether is the module connecting to the mobile network or not.

We used the 3G USB dongle which can use the “AT+CIND”. This command is providing necessary informations. However, Sierra HL7539 doesn’t have “AT+CIND” command.



It should support at+cind anyway its not the best command to find this information. I would recommend the following

  • at+creg? will tell you the circuit switched connection state, 0 not searching, 1 attached to home network, 2 searching, 5 attached and roaming.
  • at+cgreg?, will tell you the packet switched connection state, as above.
  • Assuming it is attached at+cops? will tell you the network it is on and the technology it is on i.e. 2G, 3G, LTE.

For details on the above check the command manual out.