What is the advantage of mdef vs yocto?


What is the benefit of using the legato framework for adding kernel modules instead of building a new kernel using yocto and the FX30 source?

I see the Legato documentation says the kernel modules must be prebuilt using yocto and the mdef points to the .ko file. Since the modules have to be built using yocto anyway, why use legato for the modules at all? Is there a sandboxing benefit or a benefit to long-term maintenance?

I’m using the FX30 sources here:

I’m using Legato documentation for 16.10.4 here:


Hi jrm06c,
I think the idea is that kernel modules added as a legato package can be more easily deployed and updated. If you wish to update your kernel driver that is built into the yocto build, you would need to re-build the kernel and deploy that.

However, as a legato package, you can simply deploy your new driver independently.


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