What is "ERRLOG ch_tcp_server.c:104: Assertion Failure:"

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I am using Q24+(657e) as my wireless module. when i try to create a server using “wip_TCPServerCreate(SERVER_PORT,evHandler,NULL)()”, where SERVER_PORT = 8888 m getting the message in trace “ERRLOG ch_tcp_server.c:104: Assertion Failure:” what does it mean.
One the above TRACE starts coming I am not able to connect to the created server from client.Please help me in solving it.

The trace is as follows

Trace CUS4 1 Got missed call
Trace CUS4 1 [GPRS]: open: -> DISCONNECTED
Trace CUS4 27 Call subs 00238201 : 0
Trace CUS4 31 Gprs subs 0022B845 : 0
Trace CUS4 30 [ADL port] IsAvailable(80) : 1
Trace CUS4 31 Gprs setup 1 : 0
Trace CUS4 1 [GPRS]: start: -> CONNECTING
Trace CUS4 21 Get Mem 01079328
Trace CUS4 1 [GPRS]: GPRS EVENT SETUP OK (cid=1): GPRS activate
Trace CUS4 30 [ADL port] IsAvailable(80) : 1
Trace CUS4 21 Get Mem 01079418
Trace CUS4 21 Get Mem 01079538
Trace CUS4 21 Get Mem 01079508
Trace CUS4 1 [GPRS]: GPRS EVENT ACTIVATE OK (cid=1): FCM open
Trace CUS4 25 Is Available 60 : 1
Trace CUS4 25 FCM subs 96 : 11
Trace CUS4 1 [GPRS]: FCM subscribe: 11
Trace CUS4 21 Get Mem 01079550
Trace CUS4 1 ERRLOG ch_tcp_server.c:104: Assertion Failure:
Trace CUS4 1 > FALSE
Trace CUS4 1
Trace CUS4 1
Trace CUS4 2
Trace CUS4 26 SMS send : 0

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An Assertion is a standard programming technique for catching errors in programs: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assertion_(computing

This one looks like some internal Wavecom message - you will need to contact your distributor or FAE about it.

Dats rite awneil but our distributr is fargo… fargo is totally useless… till now i dont remember any problem getting solved by them… and they dont giv direct contact of wavecom i donno y its like dis… I informed reg this to fargo 3 days back and they are still working on it they say… i really donno wat to do for this… as awork around m restarting the module on error condition but i don like to do it. pls provide some solution

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As you must be knowing , If an assertion evaluates to false at run-time, an “assertion failure” results, which typically causes execution to abort.

Exactly…!!! This message would be received once the condition evaluates to false at run time. Since , the code is running first time and the error is received second time , i feel the opening and closing of the server socket is not done correctly. The problem seems to be with the Code itself.

Hope it is of some help to you… :slight_smile:

Regards, Paruthiv

S ur absolutely correct I was not closing the server channel at all. because of which i used to get this after 7 connection and disconnection.Thnx for the solution…