What happened in the low signal? Help me please!

Hi, Open AT:

I am glad to develop my products using open AT from May 2008. It’s very useful for me to realize my idea. Now I am using Q24Plus to develop a data transmition terminal using TCP/IP. I use wip_tcpclinentcreate() to create a socket with my PC server. It’s all the time to work normally on the condition of good signal. When in the evironment of bad signal less than 10, the data can’t be sent to the PC socket server. I using wip_write to send data, it still return the amount I write, but the server can’t receive them. In my opinion the socket has been disconneted now, but I can’t get any information in the TcpClinet event handler and Bearer event handler to reconnect the socket.

What can I do?
Thanks for help.