What do I do if fcmIsAvailable return FALSE?

hi everybody,

This my configuration:

“DWL”,“V08b13”,"",“Sierra Wireless”,55344,“111611 18:03”,“dda36757”,“00010000”
“FW”,“FW_SRC_747_8_F4_3.Q2687G”,“R7.47.4.201208311102.Q26CL702”,“Sierra Wireless”,2221264,“083112 11:02”,“6aa633a2”,“00020000”
“OAT”,“01.00.20140110141145”,“Mobi.Way”,“Contrive srl”,344016,“011014 14:11”,“7cdd9bc3”,“00260000”
-“Developer Studio”,“”
-“Open AT Application Framework package”,“”
-“Open AT OS Package”,“”
-“Firmware Package”,“”
-“ExtendedATApplication Library Package”,“”
-“Internet Library Package”,“”

I’m using FCM to read an external device on UART1 interface every one minute.
The application works fine if the connection is present.

However, If I disconnect the UART cable, after some time I got that fcm is not available anymore on UART1 and the adl_fcmsubscribe returns -8 (ADL_ERR_BAD_STATE) and I’m not able to recover from this situation (i.e. uart don’t respond to AT command, but the fcm is not subscribed).

I tried from application to send at+wmfm command (with adl_atcmdcreate) to the modem when the fcm is not avalable to close and open uart, but it doesn’t work.

Anyone has experience such a problem?


Best Regards