Welcome to this forum section dedicated to former Sagemcom M2M (SGCM) products (HiLo series) now re-branded AirPrime HL Series.

All technical documentation can be found on the Developer Zone (developer.sierrawireless.com/Res … 930815ABBE.

This forum section is the right place to ask any type of question regarding these products, their documentation, or engage with other developers, or simply share your experience!


Hi All,

And thank you Thibs for this welcome message !

All the SGCM Customer Support Team will be pleased to help people to use the HL series.

Have a nice day.


just a suggestion…
It might be usefull or “motivation increase” if you combine Sagem “old” forum messages into here.
It looks like people don’t know which is the actual-active forum…

Will the HL series replacing the WISMO228 & WISMO218?