Website link does not work

I clicked on “Getting Started Tutorial” in the following link.

All i get is to ask me to download an html file. The page does not populate. Can someone fix this as soon as possible? Thank you.

the direct link to the tutorial page is this:

I don’t see problem to browse the webpage

did you click “Getting Started Tutorial” It makes you download a html file, called “Tutorials_Getting_Started.html”? I tried using Chrome, Edge, and firefox, still tells me to download the html instead of displaying it.

here says developer studio is going to be phasing out, maybe you can use VSCode:

We are already too late to make the switch. It would me much appreciated if the website can be fixed. The html file cannot find the images, so it is hard to follow the instruction.

I found the page i was looking for in the help section in developer studio ALEOS. Now i am trying to find out how to establish a connection with RV50 modem (not GX or LS).