WebServer on WS6318

Hello everyone.
I’m working on a boarch which contains a ws6318 with GPRS connection.
I’m trying to open a socket from an internet browser (google chrome) and it doesn’t seem to work.
My WS6318 is configured as a server (with the commande AT+WIPBR=3,1,8080,5,8) and it’s waiting a client connection.
I can open a socket from a little software in langage c (WS6318 answer +WIPACCEPT) but I can’t from google chrome.
I use wireshark to see the comunication between chrome and WS6318, and I can see 2 SYN from chrome, 2 SYN, ACK from WS6318 and 2 ACK from chrome. Just after GET HTTP comes.
But on the teraterm, I can’t see +WIPACCEPT

Does anyone have a solution to my problem ?
I hope my english is understandable…

Thanks in advance for your help



Has your modem got a routable IP address from your service provider?

Most service providers do not provide a routable IP address for a gprs connection by default - if at all. Normally gprs connections are passed through the service provider’s NAT gateway which means your device can connect out to the Internet, but the internet cannot initiate a connection to your device.

Ciao, Dave