Web API for upgrade firmware OTA

Which AirVantage web API should be used to OTA firmware to SW modules(such as OTA R7.52.2.A5 to SL8084T) and devices(such as GX-400)?
Is there a sample?

BTW, I don’t see relevant information here:
doc.airvantage.net/av/reference … -System-v1

Please help!


Hi Jack,

The API is /v1/operations/systems/applications/install
So you can use it like this:
eu.airvantage.net/v1/operations … s-token=….
using POST method.
If you click on Content tab, you can get a sample code.

By the way, to know how to use REST API, have a look to the doc [1]

It will create an operation, then you can get information using this API [2]

Like /v1/operations/{did} to get more information, cancel to cancel the
operation, …

[1] dok.airvantage.io/av/howto/clou … arted_api/
[2] doc.airvantage.net/av/reference … eration-v1