Wavecom (udp) connetc appication vb data get but not recevie

Dear Experts,


  1. There are two standalone PC ( There is no netwotk)
  2. One PC is connected with wavecom modem and another one is connected with CDMA(relaince) phone ( For getting static IP statring internet on that pc )
  3. Airtel sim card used for GPRS activation
  4. Application written in VB using winsock control

How To Apply Method:

  1. Following AT commands are applied though hyper terminal as well as
    sample application. These are executed succesfully on both
    a) at
    b) ati
    c) at+creg?
    d) at+cgatt=1
    e) at+cpin?
    f) at#apnserver=“Airtelgprs.com
    g) at#connectionstart
    h) at#udpserv=“” 'STATIC IP
    i) at#udpport=“223”
    j) at#vudp
    k) at#oudp

After getting Ok_Info_WaitingForData
Type data / send through aplication

  1. Samlpe application is runing on another PC ( winsock using UDP in VB ) where CDMA(relaince) phone is connected.


when data is transeferd from modem pc ( though hyerterminal or progametically )
is getting on CDMA(relaince) Pc .It’s working very fine
When this data or hardcoded data transefer back to the modem pc is not getting/ displayed on modem pc ( on hyperterminal / sample application ).

There is no error while transfering the data in apllication ( In VB appliaction)…

Please reply ASAP.

Thanks and Regards
Satish B. Phadke

I am facing exactly the same problem with the UDP as the one described above and will appreciate very much any clue how to get it working in both directions. Thanks!