Watchdog - not triggering "action" if application crashes

Is anyone else using application watchdogs?

I added a “reboot” watchdog to a simple application. It only works if the application is running!
The entire point of watchdogs is to respond to unexpected application failure… by restarting the app or rebooting the modem
If I stop or exit the application, the following message is in the logs:
fx30 Legato: INFO | watchdog[1143]/watchdogDaemon T=main | watchdog.c CleanUpClosedClient() 355 | Client session closed

If the application crashes (instead of clean stop)… the watchdog still doesn’t fire.

Any advice?

BTW. FX30, running sandbox c-code application

Use maxWatchdogTimeout instead of watchdogTimeout in the ADEF file.
maxWatchdogTimeout seems to continue watching after application stops; watchdogTimeout does not

Not a great solution; but it works.

Problem with maxWatchdogTimeout : if you install a new version of the app, the modem reboots. I haven’t found a way of suppressing/controlling this.

You can suppress the modem reboot by removing the app before installing it; if you update the existing app… the modem reboots.
Be warned: when you remove a sandboxed app its config database is removed as well. Pity.