Vr questions

  1. When we add a virtual resource with JSON value like { “sp”: [3.14, null , 5.68 ]} the result is converted into an array [3.14, 5.68], where the null value is missing. Is it expected behavior?

Similar issues with dictionaries { “a”: 100, “b”: 21, “c”:null} which will result in { “a”: 100, “b”: 21}

  1. Can we connect to DIO3 a relay with coil voltage of 12VDC and current of 123mA?

Hi Remy,
This is an open issue that we are looking to fix in a future release.

Hi Remy, is the HW a FX30?

this is the FX30S that we are using

The ADC will support 0 to 10 volts and up to 400mA

The null issue should be now fixed.

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