Using trignometric functions


      I am working on wireless cpu Q2686,Using os version 6.01.07,firm ware R71,compiler GCC, IDE eclipse 3.2.2.
      In my application iam using trignometric functions, when i want to display the value of any trignometric functions
      after building target it gives "undefined reference to sin" . If i want to use the value of any trignometric function in 
      another trignometric function it is giving the same error.

      i added the statement in open AT project wizard in wm newscript additional options 
     " -extlib C:\OpenAT\IDE\GCC\\arm-elf\lib\thumb\interwork -libname libm.a      "

      can anybody help me with this issue



Hi, to add a external library to your OAT App, the firts step is that you made and the second is:

Find the make file of yor project and add handly in EXTERNAL_LIB_LIST like this


List of libraries real names to use for making binary file

/cygdrive/C/OpenAT/IDE/GCC/ \