Sin, Cos, Sqrt and other Mathematical functions

Hello everybody,

I’m using a Q2406B module and OpenAT v3.02, and I need to make use of some mathematical C functions such as sin, cos, sqrt and atan. I’m already including the math.h and stdlib.h headers in my source code.

However, although my code is built with no errors in Debug mode, I can’t get my output .dwl file when I build my project in Wismo Target mode.

Does anyone know what could be going on? Is it really impossible to use this sort of functions on my Wismo module? Will I have to brake these mathematical functions into Taylor series in order to use them???

Thanks in advance!


Hi aassis,
You can use the mathematical functions in your code. I hope that you are using GCC compiler to compile your application for target mode.

To be able to do so, you must link your Open-AT application with libm.a file (which is present in C:\OpenAT\Tools\GCC\arm-elf\lib\thumb\interwork directory).
This library file contain the definitions for the mathematical functions that you use.

You should also refer to the following link:
for more information on how to link.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.

Yes, OpenAT Fan, that was really it.

I’ve got all that I needed from the link you’ve posted. Now I’m using the C math functions! And no Taylor Series 8) .

Thank you very much!