Using Big-Endian with for Open AT compilation

To change the output code that is generated to Big Endian format, the compiler options for the compiler being used have to be changed.

Eg: In ARM ADS compiler, the following options have to be set to configure whether the application is compiled for Little Endian or Big Endian format.

“-mbig-endian”: Generate “big endian” format output.
“-mlittle-endian”: Generate “little endian” format output.

The Open AT® Firmware expects the Open AT® Application to be present only in Little Endian format. Hence the format in which the application is compiled should not be changed.

Also Sierra wireless does not allow to change the processor register bits which is used by the ARM processor to determine whether it should use big-endian or little-endian format.

At boot time, the Little-Endian mode is activated by default.