Users of Aplix WirelessIDEA?

I am thinking of using the Aplix library for the AirVantage. There don’t seem to be a lot of users. Has anyone actually developed an application or a prototype using this library? Does Sierra have any engineers on staff to support the WirelessIDEA?
Many thanks,
Steve Morgan

Note that (apart from the Developer Studio section), SiWi do not monitor the forum to any great extent.
Therefore, if you need an answer to tha question, you should contact your Dsitributor or FAE.

Thanks awneil. I’m working directly with Sierra Wireless, so there is no distributor.

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the late answer. Aplix library is not specifically designed to work with AirVantage, AFAIK.

To use AirVantage on openAT products, the best is still to use the Developer Studio with ReadyAgent library (C, no Java support). Instructions here: … D8783&_z=z

If you really want to use Java on OpenAT, the best is to ask Aplix company how to do it – in this option, I will ask them to reply here to your post.

Hope it helps,